Miss Frizz

Have you ever tried to get ready in the morning and all those little baby hairs are poking out everywhere and it’s just frizzy? You keep trying to hairspray it down or even lick it down until you end up with either really crispy hairs sticking straight up or you get very greasy looking crunchy hair that is at least laying down. Either way it’s not looking real good and you probably would much rather have gone with the non-hair sprayed hairs sticking up everywhere rather than what you ended up with.

Lucky for you there has been the best products made for this, Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Line. I used this on a friend and it worked amazingly, I really was not too sure how well it would work especially since she had a ton of frizz that I could not get to lay down with anything! I put in oil and flat ironed it, I hair sprayed it a bit, nothing would work. Then I decided to grab the Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force and it worked… well, instantly!!! Ever since then, that is my go-to product with any sign of frizz. It is instant perfection. I am going to give you a how-to for each product and in what order you should use them. Now if you don’t want to try out products there is a trick that sometimes works but not always; spray the flat side of the comb with hairspray and then slide it from the roots of your hair and down the hair shaft to flatten the hairs that are sticking up. Remember it doesn’t always work though.

1. Of course we always need to start with the shampoo and the conditioner; the frizz dismiss line does have its own shampoo and conditioner for frizz problems. You need to shampoo twice and then condition your hair. If this is obvious to you then I’m glad, but for me I really had no idea until I went to beauty school.

2. Next use the Frizz Dismiss mask. Leave the mask in for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is a more intense treatment of the Frizz Dismiss line. It is so worth it to do every couple of weeks.

3. This step goes by hair type but each need to be done after your shower and once the hair is at least towel dry.

A. For Course hair use Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame.

B. For medium/ coarse hair use Frizz dismiss instant deflate.

C. For fine to medium hair use Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force.

I have had products amaze me in the past, but none that literally made me say “WOW”. I even said it right in front of my client which totally gave it away that I have never used the product before then… not really what you want. It was worth it though to get that amazing finished look that I wanted.