Islands of Health and Vitality

Living in areas where air pollution exceeded all permissible measures and where most of residents breathe with a half a lung capacity, problems like children’s asthma, chronic bronchitis and similar ailments, have become a major problem of modern life.

The oxygen we breathe is the basic element of life because all the cells in our body need it for normal functioning. We need 10 times more air than food and water. For each problem there seem to be instant solutions that have only a short-term effect. Such a way of life affects the health which we do not have time for, and with the emergence of health problems, we lose the quality of life.

The last oases of a normal pace of life are the islands which attract a growing number of visitors searching for peace, meditation, health, and achieving balance of mind and body.

Ideal climate suitable for treatment of respiratory diseases

Two islands in Croatia’s northern Adriatic region, that belong to Kvarner bay, the bigger Mali Losinj and Susak a smaller one, were proclaimed climate resorts and rehabilitation centers in 1892 under the national law of the Austrian government in Vienna. It is due to these facts that the island Mali Losinj is now a well-known climate resort across the world.

The island of Susak is extremely suitable for organizing climate therapy because it has a series of benefits from a mild climate throughout the year, very hot sea and hot sand in the summer and emphasized humidity all year round. Susak is still an oasis of peace because there are no mass tourism and road traffic, air and sea are very clean because there are no the industrial or other pollutants.

On both islands, there are no plants that produce accented allergens, and conditions for hay fever and other allergic diseases caused by plant pollen. In fact both islands are perfect place for organizing climate therapy for a number of diseases, especially for children (island Losinj) and for the treatment of infertility in women (sand beach on Susak island in Bok Bay).

The town, Mali Losinj, has become a well-known Mediterranean centre of excellence in rehabilitation and those in need of rehabilitation support due to working in polluted conditions, harmful effects of smoke, fumes, and other irritating particles.

The true scents of the sea and invigorating aromas of therapeutic plants on Losinj, reduces the stress in anyone who comes here. The footpaths by the sea take you back to nature and walking. These simple actions, walking and breathing the sea aerosol mixed with the richness of essential oils of herbs that grow in abundance on this island, give results at the level of each of our cells, and our body system in general.

Do you know people feel very good on Losinj because of the prevailing annual feeling of pleasure from chilly to warm and hot? The feeling of ‘very hot’ never happens, and ‘very cold’ is very rare.

In summer months when the feeling of pleasant and warm overcome, you can stay outdoors all day. The feeling of heat in the afternoon hours of July and August will be lessened by a refreshing swim in the sea or a stroll in the shade and cool of the pine trees.

I invite you to explore the benefits of these islands and to take the opportunity to spend a healthy and active holiday.