How To Age Gracefully!

Some of us are lucky.

God has blessed us with: a ‘well cared’ childhood, devoted parents, a successful career, a loving family, well settled children, and good health.

What more we can ask God?

‘The rest of my journey of life, may be similar.’

Dos and don’ts

As senior citizens, we are expected to behave ethically.

We can’t be a slave to sensual desires.

We are expected to have a moderated ‘controlled’ temper.

We should live an unattached life.

This is not easy!

We are all attached emotionally to our family members: both God-made relations and man-made relations.

Invariably it leads to dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled expectations, ego clashes, and inability to forget and forgive the hurts we received from our near and dear.

Animals aren’t attached to their off-springs, when they have groomed them for self-sufficiency in life.

To be self-dependent

We have to be cool, not perturbed over minor issues, and live in harmony with self, family members and society.

It implies – we are not overtly excited, when there is good news,

And we don’t sink in a sea of depression, when there is a bad news.

We take good news – a promotion, financial gain, or a child-birth in the family, in a routine manner.

Even a bad news – a financial loss, a death in the family, or a rejection/ cheating by the fiance/a friend does not perturb us, and we don’t lose our balanced approach in life.

We realize that as long as we are alive, we have to live with happy moments and sad moments.

Life is like a coin, with a head – happy moment – and a tail – a sad moment.

A coin has to have two sides.

Our life is a journey from birth to death.

We link up birth with happiness and death with grief.

We are scared of death for it symbolises:

Loss of our life-time memories with near and dear to us,

And losing our control over our hard earned financial assets.

We attempt to enhance our mortality:

By investing in cryogenic possibilities,

Or investing in Pyramids to store our royal needs, or a ‘Taj Mahal’ to immortalise the love story.

Let’s forget these irrational mythological beliefs.

A solution

Let’s live our old age in a cool ambience till our last day.

God bless us to live a life without ego hassles, a control over sensual desires, and live without greed, jealousy, and expectations.

Let’s live a self-reliant life – emotionally, financially, and socially.