What Can I Do About My Aging Skin?

Loss of collagen is one of the major ways the skin ages. Collagen is a natural substance in our skin that keeps the skin looking plumped, lifted, and line-free. We lose some collagen because of the natural aging process; an even greater amount can be lost through sun exposure and pollution in our environment. Adding collagen produces new skin cells that helps deter aging by filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

An antioxidant, like vitamin E, is also an ingredient used in the best anti aging skin care products because it aids in helping the skin flush away toxins that may be harmful to healthy skin cells and protects the skin from future wrinkles.

Many effective anti aging skin care formulas will have ingredients that contain:

Peptides – help to fight the visible signs of aging at a cellular level.

Sunscreen – prevents wrinkles and reduces age spots and chronic inflammation.

Vitamin C – has anti-oxidants that fight free radicals to make the skin look healthy.

Lipoic acid – is a great anti-oxidant that helps the body repair the skin.

Moisturizers – help protect skin from the environment retaining moisture

Your skin care type is the key to buying the right anti aging skin care product. If you have dry skin you should use thicker moisturizers. Oily skin should be treated with non-aqueous serums. Exfoliation on a regular basis is crucial to removing dead skin cells or any bacteria that may be on the outermost layers.

Anti-Aging Eye Care Products

The skin around the eyes is very thin with small pores and is prone to accelerated aging. The tiny pores deter moisture retention which results in sagging skin under the eyes, droopy eyelids and skin discoloration. The aging process leaves lines and wrinkles. To counter these problems you need to know what causes them and take steps to protect yourself against their effects.

Dark circles, crows feet and loss of elasticity are the first signs of aging around the eyes. These signs of aging are caused by loss of moisture and UV exposure. Many anti-aging eye creams lack the SPF needed to prevent these signs of aging. Your best choice would be a rich eye cream with SPF protection that is clinically proven to hydrate, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Eye serums are also a great choice!

When choosing anti-aging skin care products, you should select only those that will have a positive effect on your skin to make you look younger and more attractive. Happy Hunting!