Tightening The Costs Of Getting Fit

Already the Leisure Opportunities digital magazine has found the UK health and fitness to have reached £3.86 billion in 2012 which is seeing a year on year growth. Therefore, you may be wondering why gyms are then still able to charge so much when the sector is growing well. With the effects of the recent recession still prominent in the UK, costs of keeping these places open are also on the rise. This is why attention is focusing more on keeping up a fitness regime, but one that takes place outside of a gym.

Arguably the easiest way to keep a moderate amount of exercise with no cost at all would be to go for regular jogs or walks. Website Livestrong.com has found that studies by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, show jogging to not only burn calories but also for those trying to gain weight for later muscle development, jogging was found to increase appetite. However, they were strong in noting the increase in how much participants consumed is based on the idea that people feel they are more able to treat themselves after a jogging session rather than physiologically changing. Nevertheless, jogging and frequent walks are recommended not just for weight loss and gain, but to keep an all-round healthy lifestyle.

Another way to keep out of the gym is to utilise the internet through searching for vouchers and offers on fitness items. Health information distributors Health.com, have described that using the technological world your advantage can help you save money and also aid your work out efforts. With the popularity of discount websites and voucher searching at an all-time high, there are plenty of sites offering deals for all the products you need to exercise. Whether its energy foods, activity days, home gym equipment or even just clothing to show your efforts, the internet is full of bargains waiting to be found. Furthermore, if can even find a bargain or free trial for gyms, thus even negating the cost as a reason for not going to the gym.

Regardless of offers and deals, it’s usually a short term benefit as sooner or later costs will add up. An alternative longer term option could be to purchase your own equipment to use at home. Although this would be an extremely higher initial cost, it does allow you to use gym equipment from your own home, whilst having the ability to keep it for as long as you need. However, negatives of purchasing your own equipment would be the unfortunate case of repair costs if you break the equipment and the inability to keep purchasing upgraded equipment unless you can afford the high costs.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest advantages of keeping fit at home includes not restricting participation by age. Although work out equipment usually comes with age restrictions, many other forms of exercise allow all from the young to the older can reap the rewards of exercising at home. Also by ensuring it’s a fun and entertaining process, it could even become a whole family activity that you can do together.

Working out to gain muscle or lose weight is a struggle for most. Especially with the economic climate and high levels of holiday period expenditure, people are looking for more and more ways to work out at the lowest possible prices. The best advice would be to keep an eye out for discounts, sales and offers online, possibly purchase equipment for you to use in your own home and to make exercising a part of your life and not just when in the gym.