Take A Break From Work Not Your Kettlebell

Taking a kettlebell abroad may sound daft, even a way of ensuring that you go over your weight limit but trust in your initial instincts upon first reading this title – it is worth it.

Training for a holiday is one of the easiest things to do – the thought of walking along the beach looking anything less than at our very best is enough motivation to get most of into the zone each and every time we enter the Gym. ‘Beach fear’ get us to the gym on the days that we are most likely to skip the gym and keeps that half hour extra to do a bit more cardio or get an extra Calf session in for the week to ensure you look at your best in your Shorts.

The problem occurs when we train so hard for so long leading up to a holiday but then do nothing a few days before we go, nothing for the two weeks whilst we are away and then nothing for a few days after we get back. The shock to the system this causes is always noticed but often not taken too serious. All the lean muscle mass we have gained will disappear as the body no longer needs this mass and as our appetite will still be high, and we are on our holiday eating and drinking as much as we want we will also put on a dramatic amount of fleshy tissue around the mid-section. In fact, it is not uncommon for one to accumulate a solid (solid may not be the best word) 10lb of fat in this 3 week period.

A basic 4 k Kettlebell can be added to the suitcase and using this it is very easy to perform a 30 minute Kettlebell circuit every other morning of your vacation. This tiny bit of effort will keep you super-pumped whilst on your trip and keep you ticking over perfectly ready for your next challenge once you are back in the gym at home. Create a basic circuit of Kettlebell crunches, Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell clean and alternative Kettlebell curls to burn fat and prevent muscle deterioration whilst away. This is easy to do and you will be glad you took the time to do so as this is basically investing in your future fitness.

Why waste the work you put in before going away? Why spend the next two months after your holiday getting back into the shape you were prior to arriving at the airport departures lounge?